Brooke Marie Bridges

Founder | Executive Director | Lead Facilitator 

  • 55 Youth Presentations in the last year (2018-2019)

  • 5 Conferences

  • 6,236 kids (and counting) introduced to open conversations on mental health

Brooke Bridges is a mental health speaker, advocate, and ally helping to reduce the stigma behind mental health with a focus on youth mental health. She creates an environment of trust and understanding where our youth feel heard, validated, and safe. 

She grew up in Los Angeles California as a child actress and struggled with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, self-harming behaviors, alcohol, drugs, and other negative coping skills. Her experiences with struggle in the space of mental health allows her to understand the challenges of our youth because she was there, standing right where they may be.

Over the years she has had many failures and triumphs; in her mental health, her relationships, her entrepreneurial endeavors, and more. Now she stands in front of the world and shares for the primary purpose of helping others feel less alone. When you feel less alone in your distress you are more capable of becoming aware of why you're distressed and where it's coming from. When you can do that, you can reach for the resources that are there for you and change your life in solidarity with others.


When speaking in schools, at conferences, and for youth-focused organizations she speaks not only about her personal experiences but she also talks about ways in which she has overcome these obstacles to create joy and passion in her life. This transparency opens up the floor for honest conversation and youth feel comfortable sharing because they know that they are not alone. ​


Feeling seen and heard, especially in your darkest moments, is one of, if not the most essential step in healing from mental health challenges. When you feel a little less lonely and hear others speaking out about their mental health, you tend to be inspired to do the same. Her passion for psychology, youth development, and mental health blossomed from her own struggle. 

Accomplishments + Collaborations


Executive Chair of Health

Serving on the EC of the NAACP of Berkshire County


Young Adult Speaker


Assistant Kitchen Magician | Admin Assistant | Farmhand 

Soul Fire Farm - A farm dedicated to uprooting injustice in the food system


Entrepreneur | Winter 2020 Cohort Member

Facilitator for SEL Programs

Partnering with the D.A's office for two projects: SEL for Workplace Climate and Tuned Transitions: A Pre-Diversion SEL Program

Booking agent for mental health presentations in schools

E For All is an Entrepreneurship program that has assisted in developing the Building Bridges SEL business plan


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