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Do you ever experience negative emotions? And if you do, do you ever have difficulty moving through them so you can experience better feelings? If you do, which I'm sure it is, as we all experience negative emotion... then this 1 week course will help you create a ground floor to move toward the life you want. Below is the roadmap that we'll move through together to find the one major obstacle in our path to happiness: how we deal with unwanted emotions. See, emotions are a blessing because they give us feedback and information, but when the not-so-good feeling emotions come up, we tend to have difficulties. We're going to get to the core of that.  

2 years ago I hit my rock bottom and it was do or die - so I created a ground floor, a foundation: a path from where am I now to where I want to be and I asked myself - how do I build up the good stuff to get there? I created a set of tools to help me deal with my emotions, and then  I build upon my newfound foundation in order to live a happy, fulfilling, well-rounded life. I tried everything under the sun and I'm going to give it to you in this FREE 1 week course called '1 Week of Wellness: Finding Your Bright Side.' 












At the end of this course you will have a roadmap of your triggers, the feelings that you experience most often, and how you can use specific tools and tricks to move through them with ease. I focus on a holistic approach to health: mental, emotional, spiritual, environment, vocational, social, clinical, nutritional, etc. Everything that we are affects everything that we do, have, and experience so focusing on them all is the only way to move forward in a sustainable way. You will identify your Bright Side, the light at the end of the tunnel, and have the skills to move toward that.

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#1: SETTING THE STAGE. Let's figure out where we want to be and where we're at now. How do you want to feel? What kind of job do you want? What do your relationships look like? Think BIG! Through this process we will also identify any emotions that interfere with us getting what we want. Once we have done this, we will come out with two PDF documents that give us a blueprint for how to move forward.

#2: WHAT ARE THE SKILLS? The second element is using the template we created to identify the skills needed to help us deal with the emotional and mental obstacles. What exactly ARE the skills I can use during each step along the emotional timeline? How can we stop the progress of a negative emotion in order to bring ourselves back down into our bodies and into the present moment?

#3: IMPLEMENTING THE SKILLS. Third - we've got the awareness, the basic roadmap, and new skills... now how do we implement them into our daily lives when we deal with stressors, anxieties, and feelings of having no direction or control over our lives? What are simple lifestyle changes that we can make, TODAY, to help shift us in the right direction? 


We will learn these 3 elements, and more in this one week, 3 - video course. 
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