Avocado, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad

Fresh Avocado Salad

This tomato, cucumber, corn and avocado salad is the perfect pairing with your BBQmeal at your next pool party. It's fresh and light, and adds a nice bright note to any meal. It's so easy too. All you need to do is chop, combine, and season to taste!

Next time I'll use an avocado that isn't so ready to be eaten, because this one didn't hold it's shape well which made it a little mushy and not the bet consistency in my opinion. Still delicious, but not what I would consider the most beautiful.

I also used something calledCamelina Sea-Buckthorn Oilfrom this awesome company called NordicNordic, which I am an affiliate for! The company is run by two lovely women from Finland that wanted to bring all of the healthy foods found in nature to America! The Camelina Sea-Buckthorn oil is one of those nutritious items, containing over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients! Check out the health benefits here.

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Once you get your tomatoes, corn, shallots and cucumber into the bowl, add your seasonings and avocado.

Season to taste and enjoy! You can also add things like chipotle seasoning, sour cream for creaminess, or even hot sauce if you want a little kick! The opportunities and flavoring are endless for this! You could also add a little balsamic vinegar and basil for a nice refreshing salad. If you don't like corn, omit it and it'll be the most tasty thing you've ever had!

Make this refreshing dish for your next party and enjoy! You could also top the salad with avocado instead of mixing it in if you'd like the avocado pieces to maintain their shape better.


Tomato, Cucumber, Corn and Avocado Salad


- Heirloom Tomatoes; halved

- 1-2 Ears of Corn; Grilled and sliced from the cob

- 1 Avocado; Ripe but not too soft- 1

- 2 Cucumbers; diced

- Red Wine Vinegar to taste

- Salt and Pepper to Taste

- Camellia Sea-Buckthorn Oil to taste (optional)

- 1/2 Shallot Minced

- Lemon Juice to Taste


Boil corn for about 5 minutes until bright yellow.Brush with olive oil and/or butter and set on a grill heated to high.Watch for burning, and remove when charred.Remove corn from cobs, combine all ingredients and season to taste!

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