Empowering ourselves with unconditional love.

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

I am all into empowering my feminine prowess. I have recently become interested in getting back in touch with my feminine essence, as I feel many times in my life I emit a very masculine energy; not in the way I dress, but in the way I behave, in the way I approach men, and in the way I move through work and life. I am in search of, and coming to be more connected to, my empowered female drive and how that power really comes from one thing; vulnerability.

Being vulnerable is a feminine gift that women are instinctively good at. As women, we are generally very willing to give our full selves and our deepest love to another person. Although that can occasionally turn into codependency – as when it’s not reciprocated, we are confused and wonder what’s going on and why we’re not being loved the way that we love someone else and we become clingy and dependent on their love for happiness.

I have begun to realize that I can still be my unconditionally loving self – no matter what another person is doing. As we empower ourselves to stay strong in that state of being simply because it feels good, we have gained our power back and we no longer need anyone to give us strength.

I have been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks, and she talks constantly about thinking something that feels good, simply because it feels good. Taking the path of least resistance. Think about when you’re in a relationship where you’re ready to be vulnerable and loving and to give your all to someone and they aren’t quite there. Think about how much easier it is to spread that love that lives inside of you and is bubbling to the surface, rather than holding it back because it’s not being returned in kind. Think about how good it feels when you visualize the love you have for the other person, and how uncomfortable it feels when you have to stop that flow of love.

In that unrequited love, there is actually an opportunity to turn that free-flow of love back onto ourselves which means there is a constant, vibrant, and all-encompassing flow of positive energy. We can give ourselves that tingly feeling we get when the person we love looks in our eyes. Every day, we can have that with ourselves as long as we continue to love unconditionally and eventually, that person will fall by the wayside if they aren’t willing to take steps forward, and the only thing you’ll have left is LOVE. Which is a pretty good parting gift.

Now, I’m not saying to put up with bad behavior, to wait around for someone to love you, or to take less than you deserve. The unconditional love isn’t for them, it’s for YOU. And YOU deserve to feel that love, all the time, no matter what anyone else is doing.

I have realized that I can send love to anyone no matter if they’re in my life or not and THAT is an incredibly empowering thing to realize. I can feel the joy of having an abundance of love just by being me. Love feels good. Being vulnerable and opening your heart feels good. Learning to allow that to be what it is is something I attribute to the beauty of feminine energy.

We are meant to be loving, nurturing, compassionate… and when we are constantly in a state of unconditional love and gratitude there is no way that anyone can take that away, even if they themselves leave. That’s an empowered life.

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