Grounding Techniques to Get You Back Into Your Body- VIDEO

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

There are moments when everything I learned on my path to healing just POOFS, right outta my head. I've had to take precautions in order to ensure that I not only remember the things I've learned, but also so I can stay sane and keep my head on straight when I'm having particularly tough days.

My symptoms now are few and far between, but that doesn't mean I'm not triggered. And in those moments of being triggered I need to do things, read things, listen to things, and write things that put me back into my body and keep me centered. Check out my latest video on how I do that!

My Skills:


This is a skill that will immediately pop you back into your body. This is a skill I no longer need to use, or I haven't had to in about 10 months, but it's an awesome way to shock your body and get you out of your head. Basically, if you start to feel panicky, place a cold pack or a couple of ice cubes right around your eyes for a second. Splashing cold water on your face works too, but that area right around your eyes is ultra sensitive to temperature and will immediately snap you out of whatever thoughts are taking you over!


I write affirmations on my mirrors so I see them every morning! One of my mirrors says - "Good morning beautiful! Remember, this present moment is all that matters. Keep your thoughts positive and have a lovely day!" On the other side it says "Goodnight sexy lady. How was your day? Don't forget to write your 5 gratitudes!" I keep these up so that every time I use the restroom and wash my hands I'm reminded of ways in which I can have more gratitude, and stay in the present moment.

Self-Love Affirmation Box:

When I was in the residential treatment program, two of my besties and I decided to make some boxes and stuff them full of affirmations! On the top it says, "I am Loved" and it's shaped like a heart! Thingslike: "I am making a healthy decision to let go of anything and everything that does not add value to my life." And that means even negative thoughts! That's not limited to people or behaviors or jobs or situations - letting go of past beliefs that cause more harm than good is a healthy way to move forward on your path to healing.


When I used to experience panic attacks I would float completely out of my body. I'd feel like I had no ground to stand on, my thoughts raced between paranoid thought to paranoid thought, and I had a hard time grounding myself, letting those thoughts fade away, and coming back into my body. Now, when I'm even slightly triggered I do something that'll ground me. (I haven't had a panic attack in over 10 months!)

I do things like knitting. It's a very tedious task and requires focus or else it'll get messed up!I focus on my feet! It sounds silly, but the way your feet feel on the ground can put you right back into your body. My favorite way of doing that is going out into nature and taking off my shoes! take a hot bath. I'll get into the bath and do a body scrub, a face mask, a hair mask. I pamper myself and between the hot water, the exfoliation, and the lovely smells I get right back into the present moment.

I go on a drive and listen to loud music. Sometimes driving around is a simple mindfulness trick for me. Not only am I focusing on the road, but I'm letting the music and the cool breeze take me away.


I dance! Dancing is such an easy way to feel your body. Sometimes I move in CRAZY ways - ways that I'd NEVER dance in public. But sometimes those odd movements remind you of the capacity your body has to really carry itself through the world.


When I'm triggered and I'm able to use one of the above techniques to bring myself back to reality, I meditate. I actually meditate every morning, and usually twice a day - morning and night. And more if I'm having a particularly rough day. My meditations are generally focusing on my breathing, but I do a lot of visualization mediations focusing on the law of attractionand how I can fill my head with more positive thoughts that make me feel good!

So those are some of my skills! I use a lot of them when my moods start to cycle, and it always helps ground me. How do you ground yourself when you start to feel emotional?

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