Social Media + Self-Esteem

As we are all very much aware, social media is a cornerstone of modern society. In this video I want to focus on its influence on self-esteem. Social media can have a huge impact on how we communicate with other people, how we interact in public, and how we feel about ourselves.

Using social media in excess can lead to negative lash outs and even feeling downright disliked on the internet. According to a study done by scientists at the Edinburgh Napier University, some people felt pressures to create inventive status' and when they didn't, they felt discouraged or all around disliked.

This alone shows the impact social media can have on your behaviors and subsequently, your self esteem.

An April 2014 study of 881 college women who use Facebook regularly determined that “more time spent on Facebook was associated with more negative feelings and more comparisons to the bodies of friends.” Researcher Petya Eckler of the University of Strathclyde suggested that, “The attention to physical attributes may be even more dangerous on social media than on traditional media because participants in social media are people we know.” (Great Schools)

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