***REDUCED PRICE: The reason why I am reducing the price is because many of my followers have expressed interest, and have also expressed that this is way out of their price range! I'm not one to reduce prices, but I think this time, because this is my first course, and because I see this as a REALLY valuable course that can help a lot of people; I feel it makes sense to reduce it.***


This wellness course is a holistic approach to improving the well-being of your entire life. Starting off with the most important part - the mental and emotional aspects of health. That section is the bulk of the course, starting off...


Week 1 focuses on the mental and emotional aspects and includes journal prompts, workbook activities, and emotional and mental techniques to improve how you deal with negative or unwanted emotions.


Week 2 elaborates more on mental and emotional wellness, and helps to build upon the skills we learned and used in the previous week. This section requires two weeks because it's the most important, and based on a survey I did - it's what all of you feel you need the most support with.


Week 3 focuses on the spiritual - with guided meditation downloads, mindfulness activities, yoga practices, and learning how to become more in touch with your own inner being - because the source that is called God, Source, The All-Knowing... is within each of us. Before you go and say it's all "woo-woo" stuff, give it a chance because it can change your life.


Week 4 focuses on Fitness and Weight. This week targets how to increase motivation, finding small ways each day to get in a workout, workout routines that are great for total body, and how to couple that with meals.


Week 5 focuses on Nutrition and Meal Plans. This section gives you tips and tricks to improve overall nutrition, and because all people are so different, includes a variety of lifestyle recommendations that have worked for many people around the world. The bonuses for this section include meal prep and planning calendar PDF's, sample recipes, and more.


Week 6 focuses on Interpersonal Wellness and Hobbies and Passions. This week includes tips to improve our relationships with others. From ways to communicate depending on what you want, to ways in which you can handle complications in relationships. It also dives into how to find what you really love to do. We've veered far away from creating and being imaginative once we grew up and decided we had to start "adulting" but in reality, we all love to MAKE things. Whether you're doodling in a coloring book, creating your first song on the piano, or turning your apartment into your little oasis - we love to work with our hands, because the products that come from that fill us up and bring us joy.



Emotional + Mental Freedom | 6-Weeks of Wellness

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  • To know and utilize the steps toward identifying your core emotion during any triggering event.

    To build self-love in an unconditional way and get in touch with who you really are at your core.

    To be able to identify your core emotions.

    To use skills to soothe emotional and mental distress.

    To begin using a meditation practice.