Alright, that's it! We've got our roadmap, our emotion names, our skills, and simple ways to implement them into our daily lives. I hope you enjoyed this process, and I know sometimes it can be difficult to face what we sometimes refer to our darkness, but always remember - without it there would be no light. 

If we didn’t have those dark times, we wouldn’t know what light is. If we didn’t have all of the fear, we wouldn’t be able to experience the freedom of faith and trust. If we didn’t feel pain, we would have no idea how beautiful pleasure is. If we didn’t experience heartbreak, we wouldn’t know how to spot real love. With the bad, the good can be. Without it, how do we know the difference? 


If you'd like to get deeper into this, head over to the link below and check out the FULL 6 week course. It's a more in-depth, holistic process that includes all aspects of wellness. Of course, we start off with the mental and emotional, because once we've got that leveled out, we can truly accomplish anything and everything we can possibly dream of.