The Road to Emotional and Mental Freedom |

6- Weeks of Wellness

| Digging Deeper and  Finding our Bright Side |

This wellness course will give you all of the skills and tools you need to live a beautiful, healthy, fulfilling life. One thing that gets in the way of the life we want is not knowing how to handle unwanted emotions in a positive way. We tend to reach for things that don't satisfy us long term, which leads to us ignoring the emotions that are causing those behaviors, and the more we push them down, the more we guarantee that they'll come up later and usually worse, than before.

This 6-week course provides the information you need and much, much more, to create a well-rounded life full of happiness and positive experiences. You will walk away with your own toolbox that you can go to whenever negative feelings arise, and cultivate new positive lifestyle changes. Emotions are beautiful when we know how to BE with them, deal with them, and let them pass. Being able to do that gives you a feeling of absolute freedom, happiness, and peace. 

Wild Flowers

Module 1

Emotional + Mental

Learning about your emotions

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Module 4

Nutrition + Diet

Simple recipes + ways to watch what you eat.

Meditation by the Sea

Module 2

Emotional and Mental

In this module we elaborate on the tools we learned in Module 1.


Module 5

Fitness + Weight

Learn how to workout for your overall wellness.

Rock Balancing

Module 3

Spiritual + Environmental

Tapping into ourselves meditation and nature.

At the Festival

Module 6

Hobbies + Activities 

Find your passions and the things that fill you up!

Interpersonal Wellness

Learn how to create healthy relationships.